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Here you will find gripping accounts of brave men and women who went to extreme lengths, sometimes even placing themselves in harm’s way, to fight against hatred and intolerance. The accounts range from the story of a nation that united to protect its Jewish population from the Holocaust to Cyrus the Great’s ancient proclamation of religious tolerance. These accounts show that great leaders – and just as importantly, ordinary human beings – can make a difference to prevent suffering and affirm human dignity.

About Tavaana

Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society is Iran’s pioneer e-learning institute. Tavaana – meaning ‘empowered’ and ‘capable’ in Persian – was launched on May 17, 2010 with a mission to support active citizenship and civic leadership in Iran through a multi-platform civic education and civil society capacity building program. Tavaana holds a vision for a free and open Iranian society, one in which each and every Iranian enjoys equality, justice and the full spectrum of civil and political liberties.

About The Tolerance Project

The Tolerance Project aims to inspire conscience, pluralism, religious freedom, and celebration of difference. Using an array of educational materials in Arabic, Persian, and English, The Tolerance Project emphasizes the capacity of each and every individual to counter hate, and imparts the benefits of living in tolerant, open societies. The Tolerance Project educates to prevent persecution and genocide, cultivating the basis for vibrant and stable societies in the broader Middle East.